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On a hill, just above the town of Nizza Monferrato, was hidden between the greenery, a dilapidated house with grey-blue shutters. Built-in the style of a castle and surrounded by woods and vineyards.


This was once the domain of a wealthy winegrower. During the summer of 2013

Michael and Fijtje discovered this special place. After a desperate search of over a year and a half they had almost given up, but for this house, they traveled once more to Piedmont. They fell instantly in love with ‘Tenuta Il Castelletto’.


Much to their delight, “the dream house” turned out to be on a ‘dream spot’ as well. 


Lothmann Family

Zomer 2014 is de verhuizing een feit

In 2014 Michael and Fijtje took the big step together with the two youngest children Matthijs and Suus (at the time 12 and 10 years old). The two oldest daughters Julia and Maaike (18 and 20 years old) continued to live in the Netherlands for study purposes. Michael’s background in cash management and Fijtje’s past as a designer came in very handy during the renovation. In 2015 the family’s adventure could be seen on the Dutch TV programme  Ik Vertrek.


Meanwhile, this adventure happened 6 years ago and now only Suus lives at home in Italy. Tenuta Il Castelletto has been transformed into a place where guests can enjoy ‘Italian life’ and catch their breath. Michael and Fijtje visibly enjoy pampering their guests completely. They enjoy bringing their guests to the most beautiful places and have become true ambassadors of the region. 


They really like the Italian lifestyle. In the summer months, you regularly see Fijtje behind the large stove in the cozy kitchen. Guests walk in and out and she likes to share her cooking secrets. Michael knows the region like the back of his hand. Together they have written their first travel guide about Piedmont.


In addition to Tenuta il Castelletto, several new activities have been developed in recent years. Michael also rents out Vespas and E-bikes via Piemonte on Wheels. Fijtje is now busy with her own baby line and together they have set up Proef Piemonte where their travel experiences about Piedmont and their own delicacies are for sale. So that you can also enjoy Piedmont at home.


Suus has set up her webshop ‘Jewellery by Suus with her own clothing and jewellery line.


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