Creating memories

Tenuta il Castelletto is a place to relax and catch your breath. Enjoy the tranquility, the views and all the goodies Piedmont has to offer.

Fijtje and Michael already know the area and spend it in the best and most beautiful places when you ask them to arrange a restaurant, they don’t just call you but first, you get the question: what would you like to eat? This is an example of how they make, together with their guests, unforgettable holiday memories.


They love to take you on a trip to look for truffles, wine tasting ,to eat and of course to enjoy in the most beautiful and best places Piedmont has to offer.

Castelletto | Cabrio tour
2 -30 persons

Tailor-made travel

Together with friends or family enjoy a weekend Piedmont. The trips are completely taken care of. From arrival at the airport to departure, everything has been thought of.

The program includes a visit to the Truffle Fair in Alba, wine tastings and of course lots of delicious food.

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Divino Piemonte | Truffle Tour
all year!

Truffle hunt

Wandering through the woods looking for truffles? Piedmont is known for its white truffle. In the summer, however, black truffles are also abundant.

So put on your boots and go with our Truffelliao. Afterward, there will be a nice chat while enjoying a good glass of wine.

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Forteto della luja | Wijnproeverij
all year

Wine tastings

Tenuta Il Castelletto is surrounded by vineyards. There are dozens of small winegrowers who traditionally make the most tasteful wines of the region.

The winegrowers like to tell you about the craft with passion and are happy to let you taste the wines. Nizza has had its own DOCG since 2015.

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In Nizza Monferrato

Food tour

Piedmont is known for its Slow Food and gorgeous wines. During this Food tour, you will have a lovely walk through Nizza Monferrato.

Along the way, you will enjoy the most delicious snacks and drink a nice glass of wine. This tour is great fun to do together with kids.

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Tenuta il Castelletto|Belevenissen|Vespaverhuur
Day Tour

Vespa tour

The Piedmontese hills are wonderful to explore on the Vespa. You can drive on quiet roads and through small villages.

You will want to stop regularly, that is how splendid the landscape is. For on the way you will, of course, get directions and a nice lunch address.

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Tenuta il Castelletto | E-bikes
relaxed going uphill

E-bike tour

Discover Piedmont by E-bike! You ride on a cool E-bike so now and then a little off-road is no problem at all.

The advantage about a bike is that you will have plenty of contact with the surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you have to stop for a chat once in a while.

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