The Surroundings

Piedmont: good food, delicious wines, and beautiful scenery

The region “Piedmont” is known for its beautiful villages, fine wines and “slow food” cuisine.

Since June 2014, Piedmont is on the list of Unesco World Heritage. The sloping landscape is a colorful patchwork of vineyards, hazelnut orchards, and picturesque villages.


An hour’s drive away are the cities of Milan, Turin, and Genoa. At 1.5 hours drive are the splendid beaches of the Ligurian coast.

Nizza Monferrato

5 car minutes, 20 walking minutes

Tenuta Il Castelletto is situated on the first ridge just above the town of Nizza Monferrato. Here you will find dozens of bars, restaurants, and terraces.   


In Piedmont, they love good food and tasty wines. There are several large supermarkets but it is much more fun to go shopping at the local shops in Nizza Monferrato. Every butcher, greengrocer or pasta shop has its own specialties.


On Fridays, there is a big market and every third Sunday of the month you can indulge yourself at the antiques and vintage market.

Unesco World Heritage Hills

0 walking minutes, 0 car minutes

The hills surrounding Tenuta Il Castelletto, with all its vineyards, are so unique that this area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. 


Tenuta il Castelletto is located in the middle of this beautiful area. There is a breathtaking view of the countryside and the city. You can see and hear the farmers at work in the vineyards. Tractors drive through the fields and watchdogs can be heard from time to time. It is nice to get up close and personal with what Piedmont is all about: hazelnuts, wine, and truffles. Walkthrough the hills, get on an E-bike or Vespa and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Acqui Terme, Alba & Asti

Max 30 car minutes

From Tenuta il Castelletto these three towns are easy to reach by car or train. Each town has its own specialty and beauty. 


Acqui Terme is known for its thermal water. The richness of the past is clearly visible here. Alba is a beautiful town that has become famous for its white truffle. Every year in autumn there is a truffle fair.  In Asti, the Palio is held every year. In the summer there is already a lot of practice with flags and drums.

Whichever route you choose, the scenery is stunning and it’s well worth a drive

Visit major cities

Turijn, Milaan, Genoa 75 car minutes

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and is magnificent. Few tourists, many beautiful buildings, an Italian atmosphere, and slow food. Turin has several nice museums, including the Fiat museum and the film museum. Both are worth a visit, especially with children.


Milan is the city of fashion. This is where you should be if you want to spot the latest trends.

Make sure you are well prepared because you can just miss out on the nicest places here.  Genoa is a portuary city with great contrasts. The richness of the past combined with the problems of our time. Enjoy the beautiful buildings, narrow streets and many fish restaurants. 

A day at the beach

Max 90 car minutens

For the most divine Italian beach experience, you should make a daytrip to the Ligurian coast. There you still meet a few foreign tourists. The Italians go on holiday there themselves and that is clearly noticeable. Everywhere you can spot Italian families. The coast road is breathtaking.


In the various bays, you will find the best beaches with particular restaurants where you can eat delicious fish. Don’t forget to drive into the hinterland. The nature is splendid and you can eat delightful rabbit.


Tenuta Il Castelletto has a nice beach package with free parking and a delicious lunch on the beach with a dear Italian family.